New Year – Same list :)

THE HOLIDAYSo, I didn’t make 100X30, but through the process, I realized, that’s really ok. Just completing the 20 or so things on this list this year taught me so much about really living life to the fullest by enjoying the moments that you are in.

I do however want to complete the whole list at some point in my life, and I want to add more to it as well!  But for this year – 2015, there are 5 must do’s

1. Read through the whole Bible in 1 year – I attempted this last year and failed miserably, this year I have a plan and will hopefully stay on track!

2. Serve the Lord when I am called – on a Missions trip or at home – I am always busy, always doing things… but I found myself questioning the motivations of my actions last year.  They may not have been ill intention-ed, they may have even been good things, but are they really what God is asking me to do?  I want to make sure that I am listening more to his signs and calls so that I don’t miss the opportunity to share His truth and goodness this year

3. Create a life plan – I recently started Donald Millers, Creating a plan for your life because I am at a place in my life where I have found the dream job I’ve always wanted, I am living the life that I thought I would as a young single woman, but there are SO MANY more years ahead of me!  I want to look at that future and try to create some kind of structure and new set of goals for myself.

4. Teach people to love me and no longer accept one sided relationships – For too long I have adapted to what I think that people around me want to hear: friends, boyfriends, my parents. No longer, this is the year that I know what I want and stop being afraid to ask for it.

5. Learn to play the ukulele – Because c’mon.  That’s just cool! 

Happy 2015 Friends!


#8 Learn to Surf

Thanks so much to Charleston Surf Lessons and my BFF Aynsley Wade for helping with # 8 Learn to Surf!!  We were NATURALS!!




also I am sure that # 38 (Moon Someone) happenedat some point during this lesson, so I’m going to go ahead and take that one off too!!Photo Aug 09, 2 22 09 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 23 21 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 23 22 PM (1) Photo Aug 09, 2 23 22 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 24 42 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 24 43 PM


Yep. Just call us Blue Crush…


#20. Go to a Music Festival – Not just one day

I’m so terrible at keeping up with posting these things!!  I am too busy knocking things off the list 🙂  I’m also beginning to accept that 100 is probably not going to happen before December 4th, but thats ok!  Even the few I have done so far have taught me sooo much and made this year so full!

So… lets go back in time to May when I spent a weekend in ATL at the Shaky Knees Music Festival!!



Three days jam packed with music Beer and delicious food truck food!!!

Shaky Knees And Atl - 108

Oh and Rain… LOTS of Rain:

Shaky Knees And Atl - 86

I am so glad that this was not a camping festival! It rained EVERY DAY, but the music played on… and clearly, we came prepared.

Shaky Knees And Atl - 114 Shaky Knees And Atl - 32

This was my partner in crime all weekend, my sweet friend Colin… What a doll, let me stay at his place for free, carried the bag when I was tired, AND protected me when the MARTA broke down UNDERGROUND!!  Ladies… he’s single and quite a catch. Let me know if you want me to fix you up 😉

Anyway back to the MUUUUUSSSSSICCC!  My favorites from the weekend were Dawes, the Alabama Shakes, Mason Jennings, Jason Isbel, Wild Belle, Portugal the Man and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!!  We watched E Sharpe from the VIP Tent through these viewfinders:

Shaky Knees And Atl - 28 Shaky Knees And Atl - 12


Jason Isbel – can I have your babies?

Shaky Knees And Atl - 55

And I made new a new friend!!! The most creative, energetic teacher friend…LD!!!

Shaky Knees And Atl - 42 Shaky Knees And Atl - 34

All in all it was a perfect weekend – can’t wait to do it again next year!!!

Shaky Knees And Atl - 123 Shaky Knees And Atl - 116 Shaky Knees And Atl - 105

#12. The Catcher in the Rye

download (1)

I was really sick earlier this year and finally had the opportunity to finish number 12.  Read the Catcher in the Rye.  I found it really sad and depressing and frustrating.  I just wanted to smack Holden Caufield and tell him to quit being such an ungrateful brat.  But then I remembered my own self at that age, and while I didn’t have a wealthy New York Family, or go to boarding school, or chain smoke.. I really did the same thing.  I just acted out in different ways.  Holden just wanted attention. He wanted to be loved unconditionally and as he was growing up he was learning about the world and realizing that it rarely happens.

I wanted the same thing. To be loved and accepted and find the place I belonged.  I indulged in a deep depression through high school, college and even a little beyond that until I realized that I could create my own place to belong. I didn’t need the world to love me. I just had to love myself.

My heart breaks for kids of this emerging adulthood age.  They are so vulnerable and need such guidance.  I am teaching a mentor group at my church for girls this age and they impress me with their humility and knowledge and maturity that is just peeking out from behind the curtain of childhood.  They’re scared and brave at the same time. It is such a blessing to get to spend time with them.

#29 Learn to drive a stick shift. And learn a whole lot more.


Yesterday I tackled, and quite frankly, CONQUERED, #29 on the list, Learn to drive a stick shift! Seriously, I had that mess all figured out in the first try!  Don’t know what I was so scared of for all these years, it’s so easy!


And way more fun than driving an automatic transmission.  My next car purchase will definitely be manual, I’m tempted to trade her in now!


But what I really learned from the experience actually had nothing to do with driving.  After the lesson my kind instructor and new friend went to dinner where we had the most interesting and challenging conversation I’ve had in weeks. We talked about careers and passions and faith: Differences and similarities; Science and humanity; Facts and emotions. It was the sort of real, honest, objective, respectful conversation that renews ones belief in the goodness of people, and in my case, strengthened my belief in my own principles.

What last night’s experience taught me was that this whole 100×30 project is  bigger than just doing fun things and writing funny stories. Its bigger than feeling like I’ve accomplished enough living in the first third of my life. It about who I’m going meet along the way. The generous and kind people who are going to experience these things with me. And how we can learn from and connect with each other.

So, thanks, K. For the driving lesson and the much larger lesson!


As a new blogger who is really just documenting a crazy kind of journey – I was so surprised and honored to be nominated by  from The Borrowed Cities for a Liebster Award! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the encouragement to keep going with The List!!

This award is nominated by fellow bloggers who have less than 500 followers. I don’t even know how to check how many followers I have so I feel immensely blessed that someone stumbled upon my little experiment and liked it enough to include me 🙂

So I have to answer her 11 questions – then choose 11 more blogs to nominate – then ask them 11 questions! Easy enough (and super fun!).


1. What is your favourite song?

GAH – this is hard because it changes daily!!!  Like today – my new fave is “Rather Be” by  Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne.  But if I had to go with the longstanding classics though I might go with anything on Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” Album. On anygiven day, my favorite could be Joni Mitchell, Amos Lee, Haim, Hoodie Allen, Cat Power, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, .  I’m really not lying when I say I listen to everything… Anyone looking at my spotify would probably diagnose me as schizophrenic – but really fun.

2. If you could have one evening of conversation with anyone (alive or not / famous or not), who would you pick and what would you talk about?

Sheesh – I see how this is going… I’m going to have to go with Salinger because he’s so mysterious.  OR maybe C.S. Lewis.  Yes Lewis – Salinger would be too depressing.

3. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

This 100 X 30 project.  Just kidding… Probably the time that I was so in love with someone that I couldn’t see the truth about him.  I had lost control of my own thoughts and the ability to reason through things, so I prayed to God that if this relationship was not what he wanted for my life, that he would take it away.  That prayer changed my whole life and every expectation I ever had for it. So scary, but such a blessing.

4. Who taught you the most valuable lesson you have ever learned?

My daddy. “Find what you love – then figure out a way to make a living doing it. ”  This seems like a simple statement, but its a mantra that holds so much more meaning. To do this you have to be brave, defy convention, have faith that it will work, and work hard to make it happen.

5. If you were animal, what would you be?

A fox. I’d like to say bird, but I’m not that gentle.

6. Where is your favourite place in the world?

To be determined. but I like Charleston, SC a lot.

7. What would you tell 18 year old you?

Be brave, work hard, and have faith. And if you are active and healthy, everything will be better.

8. What item have you owned for the longest time?

I have two platinum wedding bands that my Nanny Dink and Pop Pop Herbie gave me when I was 15 – My Grandmom Docia and my Great Great Aunt Claire’s from 1926 and 1927. I haven’t take them off really since I got them, my finger is even permanently indented.  They are engraved with the initials and wedding dates of my Great Grandparents, and Great Aunt and Uncle.

9. What would be your super power?

This one is easy. Teleportation.  Then I could go everywhere I wanted to and experience everything I wanted to.

10. Describe your ideal day.

Getting up early on a warm Friday in April or September – just before the sun.  Heading out for a run and returning home to do a quiet time and pray before showering up for work (yes, my ideal day is a work day!)  Heading to the office on the train and reading a great book on the way. Accomplishing everything on my to do list at work by 12 and then walking uptown for lunch with my favorite girlfriends before heading home for a dip in the pool.  Then spontaneously deciding to depart with the top down on the convertible for an adventure at the beach or the mountains with someone I care deeply about and have great conversation with. Once we get there, get dressed up for a nice dinner with delicious food I’ve ever tasted before, then dancing, any kind of dancing, and kissing until the sun comes up. Yep – I am a workaholic and a romantic at the same time.

11. A year from now what do you wish to be doing?

Still loving my job.  Enjoying my life – whatever it holds at that time.  Loving my family, and planning for the future! But definitely taking more vacation!


1. Sarah Tapfer

2. Therapeutic Designs

3. Life Changing Truths

4. Sea of Gray

5. [LOOK UP]

6. Culture Two

7. The Naked Envelope

8. Sequins and Sushi

9. 1000 Lovely Things

10. Queen in the Queen City

11. Flavor Infused



  1. If you next meal was your last – what would it be?
  2. You are hosting a dinner party and can invite 6 people – anyone living and dead – who are they?
  3. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  4. Who taught you the most valuable lesson you have ever learned?
  5. Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
  6. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be?
  7. Pretend it is 2024. What are you doing right now?
  8. Your house is burning down.  What is the first item you grab?
  9. What motivates you to write your blog?
  10. List three qualities in your ideal mate.
  11. What is one thing that you want to do before your next birthday?

Rules for the Nominees

  1. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
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Thank you again !

#84 – Try Speed Dating!!!

Hahahahaha. This was fun. So weird, but fun now that I’m writing about it and not experiencing it anymore. I apologize for the crappy cell phone pictures – I was trying to be discrete.


Looking back on this – its also kind of like the cantina scene from Star Wars


I found this group on, but I looked further into the company and they are  actually legit!  You really do get 12 mini-dates in about an hour… Now – in other cities this might be a little better, but in Charlotte, the 12 dates I “met” were…well…  The age range was supposed to be 25-39. But they were definitely flexible with those rules.  10 out of the 12 guys were over 39…so.


Ladies had to sit in these little upholstered booths numbered 1-12. The guys rotated around when they rang a little bell.

I met a lot of…ahem…interesting people.  A  man who played bad guys (only) in Christian plays and was pretty happy about being typecast, a Hungarian gravedigger, a tree “breeder” – he made it clear that he was not a tree farmer, nor did he own a grove of trees, but he literally breeds new species of trees – mmmmmkay. I got a lot of this:



Also there was the psychologist, who was more interested in analyzing my legs than listening (gross), the guy who was pounding multiple Jameson shots and chasing them with Guinness before we got started, and the guy that told me his entire life story in under 5 minutes.  Close talkers, bad handshakers, weird starers, blech.


My little love nest…

BTW – that is just tonic in my glass, I gave up booze for lent. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad in this case.  On the one hand it might have made the experience a little more bearable, on the other hand, might have clouded my judgement.  Wait nope… no amount of alcohol could have turned these frogs into my prince…sorry.


I gave full disclosure that I was doing 100 new things before I turned 30 and speed dating just happened to be one of them – thinking that it would dissuade some guys from being interested.  Nope – they all said they wanted to talk more later, all asked for my number, and all said that they felt a “connection”.  It kinda sounded like they’d been given a script with blanks where they fill in their job, check single-divorced-or -separated, hobbies and interests…


Um… I definitely don’t


What was also weird was that they gave us a little card where we could take notes. And then you are supposed to go home log in online and “check yes or no” on the people you met.   I think they said if you check “no” for everyone then you get another FREE ROUND OF SPEED DATING!

Why in the world  would I want to do this again?

Two positive notes about #84: First, I have to give credit to everyone who was there trying this thing out.  It takes major guts to get back out there after a divorce or breakup or years of sitting home with your mom.  You are all brave brave souls and I am sorry for making fun of you in the internet.

Second, there was one nice, normal guy. We’ve been out a few times. But still neither of us would recommend this to anyone in Charlotte.

#15 – Watch the Star Wars Trilogy – pt 1

Number 15. on “THE LIST “ was “Watch the Star Wars trilogy all in one sitting – never seen them, never really wanted to, but I think I might understand men a little better if I do…”


This has been interesting item to check off the list.  I’m not sure if it actually is helping me understand men better. Some maybe; I finally get all the cheesy jokes my dad has been making by entire life.

Its also a little more complicated. I was corrected in that there are not 3 movies – but 6.  Therefore its taking a little longer than I thought. I did not make it through all of them in one sitting. I barely made it through the 1st two,  but luckily I have a friend, G, who is helping to help guide me through this VERY INTENSE process.  Sunday night we watched the first two – which are actually 4&5 our of 6… Its all really complicated and there is a ton of vocabulary that you need to know to understand what is going on.

So –  To help out others like myself I have decided to create a watching guide as I go titled:

“Tips for watching Star Wars for people who aren’t interested in Star Wars.”


#1. There are 6 movies. The first three were made in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Then in 1999 – they decided to go “BACK” in time and make three more movies to tell the story of Darth Vader becoming a bad guy (because people were probably really confused). Then apparently they have changed the names of these movies a couple of times.

(Thanks wikipedia)

Also there are rumors that they are making another one… greeaaaaaaaaaaaat.

#2. Just like in every movie – there are good guys and bad guys. These are the good guys: Gangs-All-Here-Star-Wars-Preview

And these are the bad guys (I’ve only watched two so I don’t know what all of these are – I just literally googled “bad guys star wars”):StarWarsBad-l

#3. This takes place in the future in an imaginary solar system that looks like actual space but there are more planets and people and weird things that aren’t people – like this.


#4. Sand People aren’t people – apparently the writers forgot to go back and give them a name like wookie.

#5. The force is basically magic.  And I clearly need it for this:


#6. The whiney guy at the beginning, Luke Skywalker, is actually the “hero” so don’t make fun of him if you are watching with a die hard fan. They will take it personally.


#7. Young Harrison Ford is really the hero and the only reason you will continue to watch these movies. 

#8. The special effects and graphics and costumes are actually pretty impressive for that time. Maybe that is because I am watching the fancy enhanced BluRay versions…

#9. There is a scene in the 1st one (4th one – whatever) that is known as the “cantina scene” – this is what bars actually look like after 2am. I have just discovered this recently since I gave up drinking for lent – trust me, its scary and I don’t recommend it.


ok – that’s all for now… more to come when I finish watching!