Its here…


Its going to be a wild ride… Let’s go!

So, its finally come. The last year of my 20’s. To try and cope with the reality of the situation I’ve written a little poem a la Dr. Suess.

In 30 days I will turn 29.

Just keep telling myself, I’m going to be fine.

Even though I approach the top of the hill

It doesn’t mean I have to take a big spill

I’ve made it this far on my own

With lots of love, I’ve actually grown

No more dwelling on what isn’t there

Time to refocus, explore and share

A few weeks ago, I crossed paths with the most inspirational young lady. She had just completed a project to have 99 new adventures in 99 days. Read about her adventures here.

Her story gave me a jolt of excitement about the coming year and I decided to embark on the adventure myself – I am going to try 100 new things that I have never done before I turn the big three oh and then I’m going to write about them. (why? because I’m a self indulgent single girl in the social media generation, that’s why silly!!)

So I’ve got a list going here – but I am far from 100!  Please help me complete the list, all suggestions are welcome – but the list will be carefully curated 🙂 And let me know if you want to participate in any of the craziness. Everything’s more fun with friends!


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