Love – Virginia Style!

This weekend was the most relaxing, invigorating, fun fun fun weekend I have had in a loooong time!  Look at this place! Can you imagine waking up here every day! #dreamlife

1101131057 1101131057b

I traveled to White Stone, VA (and surrounding little towns)  with my friend Brooke to visit her family and finally see the event she’s been telling me about for 3 years – Oysterfest!  Which in itself is awesome, but there also happened to be a Wine & Oyster Classic happening at the same time!  Seriously y’all I thought I died and went to heaven.

11011314431101131446a (1)1101131444

We had cocktails at the Tides Inn on Friday – just ‘cuz.

 1102131135b 1102131202   1102131117a 11021312131102131211a1102131122a

We even had fun getting stuck in the rain!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Norma Jean and Bruce – the most lovely hosts this weekend, your home and family are truly delightful!



(BTW – if that adorable oyster farmer who is your neighbor ever becomes single, let me know, because I’m going to marry him and move up there ASAP!)

1102131332a 1102131333 1102131229

I can’t wait to come back here and cross some things off my list!



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