Start the day off right

This weekend I spent  glorious Saturday morning lounging in bed catching up on reading my book and some blogs and through the fantastic rabbit hole of the interwebs I came across this. Now before you write it off as just another “5 things” list because the title is negative, read on. I really like how the article had a positive spin on how to rethink about your day. So I’m trying it out today.

1. “Don’t predict the future, savor the present”

I woke up this morning and heard the rain on my window this morning, but instead of thinking, oh great, another yucky rainy day – I thought, yay! I get to wear my cute trench coat and boots! And maybe it will stop raining in time for the game tonight so we can go some where and sit outside to watch it! Now its 70 degrees outside and gorgeous! whoo hoo!

2. “Don’t use a morning screw up as an excuse to mess up all day, but take control of your own reset button”

Confession, I skipped breakfast, and didn’t pack lunch. Normally I would use this as a good reason to go down to the diner in the first floor of my office building and grab a burger, but today I’m going to make a better choice and run out for a salad! Plus, it will give me a chance to check out the early tailgaters uptown 🙂

3. “Don’t wake up to your to-do list, instead, think of one thing that you get to do today”

Too late on the to-do list (I Looooooove making those things, there are literally 4 on my desk right now – work, personal, JWL, and holiday!), but I am looking forward to the spontaneous plans I made to hang out with some girlfriends’ tonight!

4. “Don’t settle – edit and forget it”

This one I’m getting used too, cutting unnecessary worries and junk out of my life. This is what I’m cutting out today: So what if he didn’t call, I don’t need the distraction anyway. And there are plenty more troublesome fish in the sea…

5. “Don’t hit snooze”

Oops – well, maybe I’ll try that one tomorrow 🙂


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