#1 Art Basel Miami and Happy B-day to me!

Wow, so this is a long time coming, but here is the first post where I  knocked the first item off the list!


In December I got to spend a warm week in the Miami Sun and it was amazing. Technically I was there for work at the International Sculpture Center Symposium but I also got to experience Art Basel Miami which had been a bucket list item since I was in college!  IT also just happened to be the week of my 29th Birthday!  What a present, huh?  For those of you who don’t know, Art Basel Miami is for the Art world what New York Fashion Week is to the fashion industry, or like the Final Four is to basketball fans. Its a big deal.

I don’t even know where to begin there was






The week started out with the ISC conference where I heard presentations by Janet Echelman, Ursula von Rydingsvard, and so many more amazing artists, art advocates and art administrators.

Janet Echelman presenting at ISC Miami

Janet Echelman presenting at ISC Miami


Iron Pour at ISC Miami

Iron Pour at ISC Miami








In the evenings after sessions and workshops we got to explore Miami in the moonlight.  First night was spent in the Wynwood district where everyone was busy busy busy prepping for the fairs later in the week. It seemed like they were erecting  big white tents in every empty lot, and every empty wall was being covered with the most elaborate graffitti!

1202131941 1202131941b

Literally EVERY piece of real estate was becoming a gallery!  Even school buses full of street art!1202132012 (1)

But even in the midst of the rush it was so cool to walk into a gallery and see the work of a North Carolina artist that I know! The amazing and talented, Juan Logan:

1202131743 1202131743a 1202131744a


Birthday Dinner

I also met some absolutely LOVELY new friends who were so kind to join me for dinner on my b-day!  We luckily found a delightful restaurant called “Delores, but you can call me Lolita” that had the best atmosphere, and delicious food!  The building itself is actually an old firehouse!

The Birthday Crew at the Metro Station - where else?

The Birthday Crew at the Metro Station – I think it needs a little public art n’est-ce pas?

More, More, More Art!

The following days were filled to the brim with fair after fair. Taxis and buses and trolleys to and from Miami Beach, Downtown, Wynwood and the design district. If I could do it again, I would definitely plan transportation better, because it is very difficult to get around as the city became busier and busier throughout the week.  But over all it was amazing!  Here are some of my favorite moments

1203132203cThis illuminated figure was suspended from a giant helium balloon.  Slowly performing fouettes en air outside the Art Miami tent during the VIP preview event. Here are some images from inside the event. This is only a tiny fraction of the first night! More pictures and art to come in a second post!!

De Saint Phalle

De Saint Phalle










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