Just a Little celebration!

Hi there!! Happy Tuesday!

Last week at work we finished a big project we’ve been toiling over for a while so my friend Grace and I decided to celebrate!  We took a walk over to the 4th Ward Bread Co.  I was really excited to knock off #81 – Eat a cronut.  But they were all out!!  Note – you have to get there EARLY to claim one of those elusive delicacies.  But oh well, I got to try a “bronut” instead!!



Celebratory Pastries :)

Celebratory Pastries 🙂

A “bronut” is buttery brioche dough, filled with creme, deep fried like a doughnut, and then covered with chocolate.  O. M. G.

On the way back we stopped and had a little photoshoot in front of some lovely mosaic art and a greenwall that beautify the side of a parking garage!

wpid-ABM_1391864173.jpg wpid-IMG_20140208_075428.jpg

Lovely Grace!!  She has got some serious style!!  You can find Grace’s musings on art at Sea of Gray.

The mosaic is by Jeanette Brossart. Titled “Effervescence”


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