2 days of LOVE

Today is my cousin Drew’s birthday and tomorrow is Valentine’s day.  So I am thinking a lot about love.  Not romantic, red roses, fancy dinner and chocolates love. But real love.  Love like this:


1 Corinthians 13:4-8

My cousin Drew was very good at loving people like this.  Really loving them unconditionally and caring about them more than himself.  He was kind and gentle of spirit, he was incessantly joyful and spread that joy  to others.  When you were around him, he made you feel like you were really interesting and special and you didn’t have to wonder if he loved you or not – he told you and he showed you.

I miss you Drewboy

I miss you Drewboy

Today, he is celebrating his sweetest birthday ever, because he gets to spend it with Jesus. So while I am sad that I cannot see him and tell him I love him, he is still spreading that joy!

I love you and I miss you, Drewboy. Thanks for using your short time here on earth to teach us how to really love each other as a family should.


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