#37. Refinish a Piece of Furniture

Woo Hoo another one off the list!!


I have been in need of a new dresser for quite a while (been using a broke one since moving in about 18 months ago) But I never could find anything interesting enough for my budget, which was basically nothing.  And I also needed to do something creative – us art minded folks get itchy for making things now and then. So I enlisted my super crafty momma – did you see my halloween costume?!?! This lady is talented – to help me hunt something down that I could fix up.


She’s got potential…

We found this gorgeous lady at Reinvented Charlotte in NoDa.  If you’re looking for vintage, go there!!  They are so nice and you can either buy a piece and refinish yourself – or they will do it for you.


The black paint was a pain in the butt to sand off, but I liked the scrolly hardware.


All in All it only took about two days to sand, prime, then coat with the SILVER glaze.


I told crafty momma that I want to redo my room in a sophisticated, eclectic vintage, but kinda glam style… I may have multiple personalities, but at least I know who they all are.  So this is what I ended up with. AND we LOVE IT!!!


Its so girly and fancy I think I’ll have to keep the rest of the room really neutral, but I’m really pleased with the matte silver finish!  Also, I think I am going to have to learn to take better pictures…yuck!


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