#29 Learn to drive a stick shift. And learn a whole lot more.


Yesterday I tackled, and quite frankly, CONQUERED, #29 on the list, Learn to drive a stick shift! Seriously, I had that mess all figured out in the first try!  Don’t know what I was so scared of for all these years, it’s so easy!


And way more fun than driving an automatic transmission.  My next car purchase will definitely be manual, I’m tempted to trade her in now!


But what I really learned from the experience actually had nothing to do with driving.  After the lesson my kind instructor and new friend went to dinner where we had the most interesting and challenging conversation I’ve had in weeks. We talked about careers and passions and faith: Differences and similarities; Science and humanity; Facts and emotions. It was the sort of real, honest, objective, respectful conversation that renews ones belief in the goodness of people, and in my case, strengthened my belief in my own principles.

What last night’s experience taught me was that this whole 100×30 project is  bigger than just doing fun things and writing funny stories. Its bigger than feeling like I’ve accomplished enough living in the first third of my life. It about who I’m going meet along the way. The generous and kind people who are going to experience these things with me. And how we can learn from and connect with each other.

So, thanks, K. For the driving lesson and the much larger lesson!

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