#12. The Catcher in the Rye

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I was really sick earlier this year and finally had the opportunity to finish number 12.  Read the Catcher in the Rye.  I found it really sad and depressing and frustrating.  I just wanted to smack Holden Caufield and tell him to quit being such an ungrateful brat.  But then I remembered my own self at that age, and while I didn’t have a wealthy New York Family, or go to boarding school, or chain smoke.. I really did the same thing.  I just acted out in different ways.  Holden just wanted attention. He wanted to be loved unconditionally and as he was growing up he was learning about the world and realizing that it rarely happens.

I wanted the same thing. To be loved and accepted and find the place I belonged.  I indulged in a deep depression through high school, college and even a little beyond that until I realized that I could create my own place to belong. I didn’t need the world to love me. I just had to love myself.

My heart breaks for kids of this emerging adulthood age.  They are so vulnerable and need such guidance.  I am teaching a mentor group at my church for girls this age and they impress me with their humility and knowledge and maturity that is just peeking out from behind the curtain of childhood.  They’re scared and brave at the same time. It is such a blessing to get to spend time with them.

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