#20. Go to a Music Festival – Not just one day

I’m so terrible at keeping up with posting these things!!  I am too busy knocking things off the list 🙂  I’m also beginning to accept that 100 is probably not going to happen before December 4th, but thats ok!  Even the few I have done so far have taught me sooo much and made this year so full!

So… lets go back in time to May when I spent a weekend in ATL at the Shaky Knees Music Festival!!



Three days jam packed with music Beer and delicious food truck food!!!

Shaky Knees And Atl - 108

Oh and Rain… LOTS of Rain:

Shaky Knees And Atl - 86

I am so glad that this was not a camping festival! It rained EVERY DAY, but the music played on… and clearly, we came prepared.

Shaky Knees And Atl - 114 Shaky Knees And Atl - 32

This was my partner in crime all weekend, my sweet friend Colin… What a doll, let me stay at his place for free, carried the bag when I was tired, AND protected me when the MARTA broke down UNDERGROUND!!  Ladies… he’s single and quite a catch. Let me know if you want me to fix you up 😉

Anyway back to the MUUUUUSSSSSICCC!  My favorites from the weekend were Dawes, the Alabama Shakes, Mason Jennings, Jason Isbel, Wild Belle, Portugal the Man and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!!  We watched E Sharpe from the VIP Tent through these viewfinders:

Shaky Knees And Atl - 28 Shaky Knees And Atl - 12


Jason Isbel – can I have your babies?

Shaky Knees And Atl - 55

And I made new a new friend!!! The most creative, energetic teacher friend…LD!!!

Shaky Knees And Atl - 42 Shaky Knees And Atl - 34

All in all it was a perfect weekend – can’t wait to do it again next year!!!

Shaky Knees And Atl - 123 Shaky Knees And Atl - 116 Shaky Knees And Atl - 105

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