New Year – Same list :)

THE HOLIDAYSo, I didn’t make 100X30, but through the process, I realized, that’s really ok. Just completing the 20 or so things on this list this year taught me so much about really living life to the fullest by enjoying the moments that you are in.

I do however want to complete the whole list at some point in my life, and I want to add more to it as well!  But for this year – 2015, there are 5 must do’s

1. Read through the whole Bible in 1 year – I attempted this last year and failed miserably, this year I have a plan and will hopefully stay on track!

2. Serve the Lord when I am called – on a Missions trip or at home – I am always busy, always doing things… but I found myself questioning the motivations of my actions last year.  They may not have been ill intention-ed, they may have even been good things, but are they really what God is asking me to do?  I want to make sure that I am listening more to his signs and calls so that I don’t miss the opportunity to share His truth and goodness this year

3. Create a life plan – I recently started Donald Millers, Creating a plan for your life because I am at a place in my life where I have found the dream job I’ve always wanted, I am living the life that I thought I would as a young single woman, but there are SO MANY more years ahead of me!  I want to look at that future and try to create some kind of structure and new set of goals for myself.

4. Teach people to love me and no longer accept one sided relationships – For too long I have adapted to what I think that people around me want to hear: friends, boyfriends, my parents. No longer, this is the year that I know what I want and stop being afraid to ask for it.

5. Learn to play the ukulele – Because c’mon.  That’s just cool! 

Happy 2015 Friends!


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