#15 – Watch the Star Wars Trilogy – pt 1

Number 15. on “THE LIST “ was “Watch the Star Wars trilogy all in one sitting – never seen them, never really wanted to, but I think I might understand men a little better if I do…”


This has been interesting item to check off the list.  I’m not sure if it actually is helping me understand men better. Some maybe; I finally get all the cheesy jokes my dad has been making by entire life.

Its also a little more complicated. I was corrected in that there are not 3 movies – but 6.  Therefore its taking a little longer than I thought. I did not make it through all of them in one sitting. I barely made it through the 1st two,  but luckily I have a friend, G, who is helping to help guide me through this VERY INTENSE process.  Sunday night we watched the first two – which are actually 4&5 our of 6… Its all really complicated and there is a ton of vocabulary that you need to know to understand what is going on.

So –  To help out others like myself I have decided to create a watching guide as I go titled:

“Tips for watching Star Wars for people who aren’t interested in Star Wars.”


#1. There are 6 movies. The first three were made in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Then in 1999 – they decided to go “BACK” in time and make three more movies to tell the story of Darth Vader becoming a bad guy (because people were probably really confused). Then apparently they have changed the names of these movies a couple of times.

(Thanks wikipedia)

Also there are rumors that they are making another one… greeaaaaaaaaaaaat.

#2. Just like in every movie – there are good guys and bad guys. These are the good guys: Gangs-All-Here-Star-Wars-Preview

And these are the bad guys (I’ve only watched two so I don’t know what all of these are – I just literally googled “bad guys star wars”):StarWarsBad-l

#3. This takes place in the future in an imaginary solar system that looks like actual space but there are more planets and people and weird things that aren’t people – like this.


#4. Sand People aren’t people – apparently the writers forgot to go back and give them a name like wookie.

#5. The force is basically magic.  And I clearly need it for this:


#6. The whiney guy at the beginning, Luke Skywalker, is actually the “hero” so don’t make fun of him if you are watching with a die hard fan. They will take it personally.


#7. Young Harrison Ford is really the hero and the only reason you will continue to watch these movies. 

#8. The special effects and graphics and costumes are actually pretty impressive for that time. Maybe that is because I am watching the fancy enhanced BluRay versions…

#9. There is a scene in the 1st one (4th one – whatever) that is known as the “cantina scene” – this is what bars actually look like after 2am. I have just discovered this recently since I gave up drinking for lent – trust me, its scary and I don’t recommend it.


ok – that’s all for now… more to come when I finish watching!