#84 – Try Speed Dating!!!

Hahahahaha. This was fun. So weird, but fun now that I’m writing about it and not experiencing it anymore. I apologize for the crappy cell phone pictures – I was trying to be discrete.


Looking back on this – its also kind of like the cantina scene from Star Wars


I found this group on Meetup.com, but I looked further into the company and they are  actually legit!  You really do get 12 mini-dates in about an hour… Now – in other cities this might be a little better, but in Charlotte, the 12 dates I “met” were…well…  The age range was supposed to be 25-39. But they were definitely flexible with those rules.  10 out of the 12 guys were over 39…so.


Ladies had to sit in these little upholstered booths numbered 1-12. The guys rotated around when they rang a little bell.

I met a lot of…ahem…interesting people.  A  man who played bad guys (only) in Christian plays and was pretty happy about being typecast, a Hungarian gravedigger, a tree “breeder” – he made it clear that he was not a tree farmer, nor did he own a grove of trees, but he literally breeds new species of trees – mmmmmkay. I got a lot of this:



Also there was the psychologist, who was more interested in analyzing my legs than listening (gross), the guy who was pounding multiple Jameson shots and chasing them with Guinness before we got started, and the guy that told me his entire life story in under 5 minutes.  Close talkers, bad handshakers, weird starers, blech.


My little love nest…

BTW – that is just tonic in my glass, I gave up booze for lent. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad in this case.  On the one hand it might have made the experience a little more bearable, on the other hand, might have clouded my judgement.  Wait nope… no amount of alcohol could have turned these frogs into my prince…sorry.


I gave full disclosure that I was doing 100 new things before I turned 30 and speed dating just happened to be one of them – thinking that it would dissuade some guys from being interested.  Nope – they all said they wanted to talk more later, all asked for my number, and all said that they felt a “connection”.  It kinda sounded like they’d been given a script with blanks where they fill in their job, check single-divorced-or -separated, hobbies and interests…


Um… I definitely don’t


What was also weird was that they gave us a little card where we could take notes. And then you are supposed to go home log in online and “check yes or no” on the people you met.   I think they said if you check “no” for everyone then you get another FREE ROUND OF SPEED DATING!

Why in the world  would I want to do this again?

Two positive notes about #84: First, I have to give credit to everyone who was there trying this thing out.  It takes major guts to get back out there after a divorce or breakup or years of sitting home with your mom.  You are all brave brave souls and I am sorry for making fun of you in the internet.

Second, there was one nice, normal guy. We’ve been out a few times. But still neither of us would recommend this to anyone in Charlotte.