The List

This is the official 100 X 30 list.

Want to make a suggestion for the list or help me do something? Post in the comment section!

1. Go to Art Basel in Miami

2. Be a back up dancer for a band and perform on stage

3. Pet a tiger

4. Run a full marathon

5. Go skydiving

6. Make Chocolate Souffle

7. Get Debt Free

8. Learn to surf

9. Sculpt some wicked abs

10. Help build a house from scratch

11. Take a kid to a professional sporting event who couldn’t go otherwise

12. Read the Catcher in the Rye – my favorite book is 9 Stories by Salinger, but I’ve never read his most famous book!

13. Draft the plan for my next dream job

14. Comfort a stranger

15. Watch the Star Wars trilogy all in one sitting – never seen them, never really wanted to, but I think I might understand men a little better if I do…

16. Get a motorcycle license and drive one solo

17. Learn to drive a boat

18. Go deep sea fishing

19.  Edit my closet down to bare necessities < 20 items

20. Go to a music festival – not just one day

21. Grow herbs from seeds and keep them alive long enough to use them

22. Go to Mexico

23. Get a temporary/part time job and either save, invest, or donate all the money

24. Forgive/Make a mends with past grudges and held conflicts

25. Drive over 120 miles an hour

26. Host a “family” holiday for my friends – Friends-giving?

27. Fall in love – ok, I’ve done this  before, but isn’t it like doing it for the first time, every time?

28. Learn to change a tire.

29. Learn to drive a stick shift

30. Give away toys with Salvation Army Operation Christmas Child

31. Do a Polar Bear swim (jump into the ocean/lake in the winter time)

32. Volunteer somewhere that makes me really uncomfortable – Children’s Hospital? Retirement Home?

33. Surprise a member (or 2) of my family with a magical day just for them.

34. Run an obstacle course race

35. Sell one of my own pieces of art-or more! I’m going to have to subsidize this list somehow!

36. See at least one of my big three favorite musicians/bands in concert.

37. Buy/find an old piece of furniture and refinish it.

38. Moon someone 🙂 I’m running out of ideas y’all!

39. Start my own company.

40. Learn to functionally communicate in sign language.

41. Sew myself a dress from scratch

42. Make sourdough bread with my own yeast starter.

43. Throw a theme party.

44. Write a song

45. Catch my own fish and cook it and eat it.

46. Write Thank You Notes for gifts – Immediately after I get them, maybe even before. I swear, I’ve never done it on time in my entire life. They are usually 3-6 months late.

47. Go to the airport with no plans, buy a ticket somewhere random and immediately get on the plane for the weekend.

48. Write a letter to a celebrity and mail it. Celebrity TBD – any recommendations?

49. Take a course at Harvard (or any other Ivy League University) and ace it!

50. Elope! haha… JK, How about run away with someone for an unplanned, spontaneous, romantic weekend getaway.

51. Find our old home movies and digitize them.

52. Wear a long hair wig or get extensions (obvs cutting my hair off is something I’ve already done!)

53. Ride an elephant

54. Take a weekend long horseback riding/camping trip. Get real close to nature, and my horse. which I don’t have… any one have one to lend me?

55.  Outdoor Hot springs, or Mud Spa!!

56. Adopt a puppy.

57. Audition for a TV show or a play

58. Go to a drag race (cars – just in case you were wondering)

59. Go to see the Chincoteague Pony Swim!

60. Be able to do 50 push ups!

61. Lazy 5 Ranch (not looking forward to this one. guys…)

62. Pay for a stranger’s coffee or food in line.

63. Hold a newborn in the NICU

64. Teach a cooking class

65. Take a pole dancing class

66. Go to the trampoline place!

67. Ride a bull – or maybe just start with going to a rodeo 🙂

68. Find an outfit at wal-mart and wear it on a date

69. Meet Ryan Lochte!

70. Be a bartender (and get paid for it!)

71. Go to the top of the Duke Building!

72. Ride in a firetruck and slide down the pole

73. Have a cocktail named after me

74. Be an extra in a movie or commercial

75. Take a tech break for whole weekend. No phone, computer, TV, etc.

76. Join a Fantasy Football league

77. Save enough $ for a down payment on a house

78. Fly first class!

79. Read through the whole Bible in a year.

80. Dance in a competition! Shag, Latin, Ballroom… whatever!

81. Eat a Cronut.

82. Make Paella

83. Do a night time zipline/canopy tour

84. Try Speed Dating (I may regret this one!)

85. Play Laser Tag

86. Giant Food Fight.

87. Get another tattoo – have to figure out how to make this one “new”

88. Run 100 miles in 1 month.

89. Sleep in a Tree house.

90. Go Kayaking in the Catawba

91. Get certified to teach fitness classes

92. Stop buying clothes for one whole year. (Updated on Jan 1 2015)

93. Try Stand Up Paddle boarding.

94. Eat at the French Laundry in San Francisco

95. Learn to play the Ukulele

96. Go on a Missions Trip with Uptown Church.

97. Read at least 1 new book a month for the entire year.

98. Take a solo vacation.

99. Cut TV time to <1 hour a day.

And the grand finale!
100. Get married and start a family.

4 thoughts on “The List

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